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Nickolas V Fotopoulos
The search for compact binary coalescence in association with short GRBs with LIGO/VIRGO S5/VSR1 data, 2010
Advisor: Jolien Creighton
PDF file

Rahul Biswas
Search for gravitational waves from LIGO-Virgo science run, 2009
Advisor: Patrick Brady

Swapnil Tripathi
Self-force on point particles in curved spacetime and quadrupole moments of rotating neutron stars., 2009
Advisor: Alan Wiseman
AAT 3377902

Matthew M. Glenz
Topics in Inflationary Cosmology and Astrophysics, 2008
Advisor: Leonard Parker
Arxiv:0905.2641 [hep-th]

Satoshi Nawata
Manifestations of String Theory in Astrophysical Data and at the LHC, 2008
Advisor: Luis Anchordoqui

Tobias Keidl
Self-force for extreme mass ratio inspiral, 2008
Advisor: John Friedman, Alan Wiseman
Publication Number: AAT 3332174. Source: DAI-B 69/10, Apr 2009

Jocelyn S. Read
Neutron stars in compact binary systems: from the equationof state to gravitational radiation, 2008
Advisor: John Friedman, Jolien Creighton
Publication Number: AAT 3332182; ISBN: 9780549843900;

Noriyuki Sugiyama
Amplitude of perturbation during inflation and the initial conditions for the evolution of radiation and matter in the universe, 2008
Advisor: John Friedman

Ray Majumder, Saikat K.
Searching for gravitational-wave bursts from stellar-mass binary black holes, 2006
Advisor: Patrick Brady

Duncan Brown
Searching for gravitational radiation from black hole MACHOS in the galactic halo, 2004
Advisor: Patrick Brady
Publication Number: AAT 3154287. DAI-B 65/11, p. 5777

Demian H. J. Cho
Topics in classical and quantum gravity, 2004
Advisor: John Friedman

Antonios A. Tsokaros
Problems related to gravitational waves from binary black holes, 2003
Advisor: John Friedman

Laura Mersini
Vacuum dynamics in the early universe: scenarios of phase transitions and extra dimensions, 2000
Advisor: Leonard Parker

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