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Adjunct Professor Maria Alessandra Papa elected APS Fellow

Posted by Sinead Walsh on January 13, 2015

Maria Alessandra Papa, with the UWM Physics department and the Max Planck Institute, Germany, has been elected a 2014 APS Fellow. APS Fellows are elected for exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise. Quoting the APS website, she was elected for her "numerous key contributions to gravitational-wave astronomy, including devising new data analysis methods for gravitational waves from pulsars and coordinating the worldwide exchange and analysis of data."

Dr. Papa's research focuses on the development of data analysis techniques to search for gravitational waves. In particular, she works on strategies to detect long-lasting signals with the Einstein@Home distributed computing platform, a project which allows members of the public to volunteer their idle computing power to search for gravitational waves and pulsars (visit to learn more).

Congratulations to Maria Alessandra!

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