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Rewarding Lunar Eclipse

Posted by Laura Nuttall on October 20, 2014

On the night 7-8th October, the USA was fortunate to witness a total lunar eclipse and blood moon eclipse. This was the second in a series of four total lunar eclipses (the next will be in April 2015), and Milwaukeeans flocked to the UWM planetarium to witness this event. Jean Creighton, director of the Manfred Olsen Planetarium, highlights this spectacle.

"The lunar eclipse was well worth getting up for before the crack of dawn. UWM Planetarium staff set up telescopes and binoculars to look at the blood moon of October 8, 2014. Over 30 people came to the Physics courtyard to see the Full Moon traveling through the shadow of the Earth. Some highlights? A seven year old wanted to do this viewing to celebrate his birthday. A ten-year old boy came with his mom early: they got to the Physics building at 5:00 am because he wanted to be sure they don’t miss the event. Two teachers brought a few girls to contemplate the celestial before school started. The weather was mild; the sky was beautiful; Jupiter a bonus."

To find out more about the activities the UWM Planetarium hosts visit their website.

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