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Identity Management Team from the CGCA Participate in Pilot Project with Internet2's InCommon

Posted by Laura Nuttall on September 15, 2014

A new pilot scheme between Internet2's InCommon and the identity management team from the Leonard E. Parker Center for Gravitation, Cosmology and Astrophysics (CGCA) will allow astronomers from across the world to use their local university credentials to access three UWM-based services, all services for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). This new approach will not only streamline the access process, but will also save much time and effort for the identity management staff who would otherwise have to create and maintain separate usernames and passwords for hundreds of researchers.

In the past, InCommon has teamed up with the CGCA and LIGO to provide secure federated access for researchers in U.S. intitutions. Now InCommon has joined the international eduGAIN service, and extends the same benefits to other researchers from across the world. InCommon participants will be able to access services with little or no intervention from central campus IT services, whilst maintaining full control and be in full compliance with privacy requirements. The global InCommon-eduGain pilot involves exporting metadata about three CGCA services to the international eduGain service.

Quoting Klara Jelinkova, chair of the InCommon Steering Committee and Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the University of Chicago: "As a community we are indebted to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and particularly LIGO’s Scott Koranda and Warren Anderson, as fellow innovation pioneers in our international efforts to support research and education."

To find out more about this pilot scheme and what it involves, please read the following online article.

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