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Physics on the Road with Sydney

Posted by Laura Nuttall on April 03, 2014

Sydney Chamberlain, a graduate student in the CGCA, has been awarded a Public Outreach and Informing the Public Grant through the American Physical Society. Her project, entitled 'Physics on the Road', aims to spread the excitement of gravitational wave physics to the general public...and you may catch her at your local coffee shop soon!

The 'Physics on the Road' project will involve some traditional K-12 outreach efforts, but also aims to spread the excitement of her research to the general public through a public lecture series she is calling 'Coffee Shop Astrophysics'. The idea behind the lecture series is to create an informal environment at a local coffee house where anyone interested can learn about gravitational wave physics and astrophysics. The lectures themselves will be more informal than a traditional seminar talk, and will use audience involvement, visual aids and humor to make the science as accessible as possible.

To find out more information about the grant Sydney is receiving (and for a list of other successful proposals) see aps website. Sydney's personal webpage can also be found here.

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