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Assistant Professor Philip Chang wins NSF CAREER award for research on blazars

Posted by Patrick Brady on May 14, 2013

Philip Chang, an astrophysicist at the Leonard E. Parker Center for Gravity, Cosmology, and Astrophysics, has been awarded the prestigious Early Career Development (CAREER) Grant from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Chang will use this award to explore the physics of beam-plasma instabilities that arise in electron-positron beams from terra-electronvolt (TeV) blazars and their effect their heating on the universe at large.

Along with collaborators, Avery Broderick at the Perimeter Institute and Christoph Pfrommer at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Science, Dr. Chang has suggested that TeV blazars are a powerful and previously unknown source of heating for the universe. This heating has profound implications for the thermodynamic history of the universe and the formation of galaxies.

Philip Chang arrived at UW-Milwaukee in 2011 and is active in a wide area of theoretical astrophysics including neutron stars, supernova, planets, plasmas, galaxies and cosmology.

Phil Chang sketches a description of the blazar radiation phenomena he is investigating.

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