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Luis Anchordoqui awarded prestigious CAREER grant by the National Science Foundation

Posted by Alex Urban on September 30, 2011

Luis Anchordoqui, a physicist at the Center for Gravitation and Cosmology, has been awarded a prestigious Early Career Development (CAREER) Grant from the National Science Foundation. Anchordoqui will use the $400,000 award to develop methods by which a certain class of new theories beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics might be tested at the Large Hadron Collider.

This class of new theories includes those in which the myriad of particle types in the Standard Model is replaced by a single fundamental building block: a string.

Anchordoqui arrived at UW-Milwaukee in 2006 and has been active in a wide variety of research areas related to particle phenomenology. He is a member of the Pierre Auger Collaboration that studies the Universe with a novel array of cosmic ray detectors. Achordoqui was also recently promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

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