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Astronomy Club Resumes for the Spring Semester

Posted by Melissa Anholm on 9 February 2009

On Monday 2 February 2009, Astronomy Club started back up for the semester. At 7:10 pm, a group of 19 regular attendees met in the planetarium for a presentation on the winter skies by Jean Creighton. Although the previous meeting had been on December 8th--nearly two months ago--the organizers were pleased to find that Astronomy Club was still able to attract a large crowd.

Astronomy Club, which began in September 2008, is a group of undergraduate and highschool students with an interest in astronomy and astrophysics. The club meets weekly during the school year, and a typical meeting will involve a short presentation on some topic of astrophysical interest, though occasionally there are other events.

This semester, the Astronomy Club will meet every Monday at 7:00pm in Physics 145.

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