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January 31, 2011

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January 29, 2011

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January 20, 2011

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Stan Whitcomb, LIGO Laboratory Caltech (PPT | PDF)
Gravitational-wave physics and astronomy: the next ten years

Galactic neutron-star population

Duncan Lorimer, West Virginia University (PDF | Video)
The galactic pulsar population

Lightning Talks (PDF)
Miroslav Shaltev, Prabath Peiris and John Whelan, Vladimir Dergachev, Xavier Siemens

Bruce Allen, AEI Hanover and UWM (KEYNOTE | PDF | Video)
Studying the galactic pulsar population using gravitational waves

Ricardo Ignacio Santiago Prieto, University of Glasgow (PDF)
Gravitational Radiation Associated with Pulsar Glitches

Miltos Vavoulidis, Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire (CNRS) (PDF)
Gravitational waves from oscillations of compact stars: what can we learn from current observations?

Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Frits Paerels, Columbia University (PPT | PDF | Video)
The Neutron Star Equation of State-Electromagnetic Observations

Jocelyn Read, University of Mississippi (PDF | Video)
Constraining the equation of state using advanced gravitational-wave detectors

Lightning Talks (PDF)
Frank Herrmann, Chad Galley, Drew Keppel, Nick Tacik, Izabela Kowalska, Ilana MacDonald, Frank Ohme, Rahul Biswas and Sarah Caudill

Francesco Pannarale, Albert Einstein Institute (PDF)
Will the inspiral of a black hole-neutron star binary tell us about the nuclear equation of state?

Bruno Giacomazzo, University of Maryland (KEYNOTE | PDF)
General Relativistic Simulations of Magnetized Binary Neutron Stars

Brian Metzger, Princeton University (PDF)
Electromagnetic Counterparts of Neutron Star Mergers Powered by the Radioactive Decay of R-process Nuclei

Collin Capano, Syracuse University (PDF)
The Search for Low Mass Compact Binary Coalescences with the LIGO and Virgo Detectors

Chad Hanna, Perimeter Institute (PDF)
Gravitational wave search for binary black holes in the nearby Universe

Transient Astronomy I

Robert Quimby, California Institute of Technology (PDF | Video)
Illuminating Discoveries from Transient Surveys

Peter Shawhan, University of Maryland (PDF | Video)
Prospects for Detection of Gravitational Waves from Supernovae

Lightning Talks (PDF)
Hyung Mok Lee, Sarah Caudill, Shaon Ghosh and Sukanta Bose, Satya Mohapatra, Wen-fai Fong, Daniel Hoak, Shivaraj Kandhasamy, Marc Normandin, Peter Raffai, David Kaplan

Ernazar Abdikamalov, Louisiana State University (PPT | PDF)
The Gravitational Wave Signature of Collapsar Formation

Jeremiah Murphy, University of Washington (PPT | PDF)
A Model for Gravitational Wave Emission from Neutrino-Driven Core-Collapse Supernovae

Konstantin Yakunin, Florida Atlantic University (PPT | PDF)
Gravitational Signatures of Core-Collapse Supernova

James Clark, Cardiff University (PDF)
A Search For Gravitational Waves Associated With The August 2006 Timing Glitch Of The Vela Pulsar

Imre Bartos, Columbia University (PDF)
Scientific Reach and Status of Multimessenger Searches with Gravitational Waves and High-energy Neutrinos

Transient Astronomy II

Edo Berger, Harvard University (PDF | Video)
Short Gamma-Ray Bursts: the Shortest Route to Joint EM-GW Detections?!

Frederique Marion, Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-vieux de Physique des Particules (CNRS) (Video)
Status and prospects for detecting Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Mergers

Lightning Talks (PDF)
Stefanos Giampanis, Lindy Blackburn, Amber Stuver, Marco Drago, Benjamin Farr, Samaya Nissanke, Linqing Wen, Shaun Hooper, Nick Fotopoulos, Satya Mohapatra, Dipongkar Talukder and Sukanta Bose

Mansi Kasliwal, California Institute of Technology (PDF)
Transients in the Local Universe

Lucia Santamaria, Caltech (PDF)
Multimessenger Search for Gravitational Waves from Core-Collapse Supernovae

Brennan Hughey, UWM (PDF)
Electromagnetic Follow-ups of Candidate Gravitational Wave Triggers in the Recent LIGO and Virgo Science Runs

Larry Price, Caltech (KEYNOTE | PDF)
The Low-Latency Search for Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescence

Jonah Kanner, University of Maryland (PDF)
Performance study of the first low latency joint EM/GW search

Observational Strategies and Instrumentation I

Sam Waldman, MIT (PDF)
Observational strategies for the next generation of gravitational-wave detectors

Dale Frail, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (PDF | Video)
Current and Future Capabilities for Radio Searches of Gravitational Wave Counterparts

Joshua Bloom, University of California - Berkeley (KEYNOTE | PDF)
Wide-field Surveys

Duncan Galloway, Monash University (PDF | Video)
X-Ray observing capabilities 2014-18 and implications for GW astronomy

Masayuki Nakahata, University of Tokyo (PDF | Video)
Neutrino Observatories

Lightning Talks (PDF)
Antonis Mytidis, Nickolas Fotopoulos, Thilina Dayanga and Sukanta Bose, Ting Zhang and Soma Mukherjee, Paul T Baker, Papia Rizwan and Soma Mukherjee, Tanner Prestegard, Michael Coughlin, Ayaka Shoda

Open Data, Supermassive black holes and Data Analysis Methods

Roy Williams, Caltech (PDF)
Led Discussion: LIGO Open Data - what would you like?

Nicholas Stone, Harvard University (PDF)
Prompt Tidal Disruption of Stars as an Electromagnetic Signature of Supermassive Black Hole Coalescence

Tanja Bode, Georgia Institute of Technology (PDF)
Electromagnetic Emissions from Merging Supermassive Black Hole Binaries

Larne Pekowsky, Syracuse University (PDF)
Status of the NINJA-2 project

Lightning Talks (PDF)
Valentin Necula, Chris Messenger, Jordi Burguet-Castell, Christian Roever, Cesar Costa, Kari Hodge, Nelson Christensen, Reinhard Prix

Eric Thrane, University of Minnesota (PDF)
Stochastic Transient Algorithm Multi-detector Pipeline

Ruslan Vaulin, MIT (PDF)
Detecting transient gravitational-wave signals with multiple, partially redundant searches

Chris Pankow, University of Florida (PDF)
Statistic for Combination of Results from Multiple Gravitational Wave Searches

Marc van der Sluys, Radboud University (PDF)
Using astrophysical knowledge in gravitational-wave data analysis of binary inspirals

Shaun Hooper, University of Western Australia (PDF)
Summed Parallel Infinite Impulse Response (SPIIR) Filters For Low-Latency and Efficient Gravitational Wave Detection

Kenshi Okada, University of Tokyo (PDF)
Magnetic coupling noise in a Torsion-bar Antenna for Gravitational wave Observations

Testing General Relativity

Ingrid Stairs, University of British Columbia (PPT | PDF | Video)
Testing general relativity with relativistic binary pulsars

Nico Yunes, MIT and Montana State University (KEYNOTE | PDF | Video)
Probing Strong Field Physics with Gravitational Waves

Carl Rodriguez, Northwestern University (PDF)
Testing the No-Hair Theorem with Intermediate Mass Ratio Inspirals in Advanced LIGO

Kazuhiro Hayama, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (PDF)
Test of scalar-tensor gravity theory from observations of gravitational wave bursts with advanced detector network

Ilya Mandel, MIT (PDF)
The Distribution of Coalescing Compact Binaries in the Local Universe: Prospects for Gravitational-Wave Observations

Will Farr, Northwestern University (PDF)
The Mass Distribution of Stellar-Mass Black Holes: Robust Constraints through Model Selection

Thomas Bulik, Warsaw University (PDF)
Observational estimate of the binary black hole coalescence rate

Michal Dominik, Warsaw University (PDF)
The Effect of Metallicity on the Detection Prospects for Gravitational Waves

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