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Our first meeting of the Fall 2017 semester will be on Monday, September 18th at 4 pm in Physics 122!

About Us

The UWM Astronomy Club consists of a diverse group of people who are interested in cutting edge research in the fields of radio astronomy, gravitational wave physics, and cosmology. Participants include faculty members, post-docs, and students at the graduate, undergraduate, high school, and junior high levels, as well as teachers, and UWM staff.

Our participants work closely with a similar group of students and teachers from the University of Texas, Brownsville (UTB), where the Astronomy Remote Command Center (ARCC) was founded. Xavier Siemens, David Kaplan (faculty), and Jean Creighton (planetarium director) are leading the ARCC@UWM effort.

Our participants are using the Arecibo and Green Bank radio telescopes to search for new pulsars and analyze the data collected during these observing sessions. In the observing sessions, we remotely control the world's largest radio telescopes from the UWM physics building.

We also offer more specialized projects, including the development of a data analysis pipelines to improve data quality. There are some additional projects dealing with the development and implementation of gravitational wave detection methods in pulsar timing as well.

Meetings take place every Monday afternoon in the Physics building. The meetings usually begin with a brief (roughly thirty minutes) talk by one of our participants or a guest speaker on research topics or current physics/astonomy news. Topics include pulsars, stellar evolution, cosmology, relativity, and gravitational waves. After the talk a discussion about further research/news items will take place as well as planning for future meeting topics.

The ARCC program at UWM is an exciting opportunity for UWM and its students and teachers to develop a more intimate connection with the Milwaukee community by encouraging the participation of local high school students and increasing public awareness of new frontiers in physics and astronomy. We hope that our enthusiastic attitude about this project will increase the number of students pursuing careers in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics in southeast Wisconsin.

UWM ARCC | http://www.gravity.phys.uwm.edu/arcc